Дар шароити муносибатҳои иқтисоди бозорӣ бе ҳисобу китоб, таҳлили натиҷаҳои кор ва ба нақша гирифтани имкониятҳо пешрафти мунтазамро таъмин намудан ғайриимкон мебошад.

Emomali Rahmon

The Agency on statistics held a press conference with representatives of the media

On February 14, 2019 in the conference hall of NIAT “Khovar”, the Agency on Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan held a press conference with representatives of the media.

The press conference was attended by the representatives of NIAT Khovar, newspapers and news agencies: «Jumhuriyat», «Khalk – Ovozi», «Asia Plus», «Sadoi mardum», «Payomi Dushanbe», «Narodnay gazeta», «Minbari Khalk», «Tojikiston» as well as the representatives of TV channels: Jahonamo,  Dushanbe and the representatives of radio: Tojikiston, Khovar, Ovozi Tojik and Sadoi Dushanbe.

Prior to the press conference, the journalists were provided with the press releases on the socio-economic situation of the Republic of Tajikistan (in Tajik and Russian languages) as well as on the activities of the state statistics bodies of the Republic of Tajikistan for 2018.

The press conference was opened by the Director of the Agency on statistics, Ms. Hasanzoda Gulnora, who presented the results of the activities of statistical bodies for 2018 and the tasks for 2019.

During the discussion of this topic, the press conference was also attended by the Deputy Directors of the Agency, heads of sector departments and divisions of the central offices and the Main Computing Center of the Agency on Statistics

In general, the journalists asked questions on the following topics:

- GDP and the main factors of inflation in the republic;

- the number of labor migrants for 2018;

- the number of homeless residents of the Republic;

- investments in tourism in the Republic of Tajikistan;

- the number of industrial enterprises that have ceased their activities;

- the volume of production, sale and export of citrus fruits in the republic in 2018;

- types of handicraft  in the Republic of Tajikistan;

- violation of the order in the provision of state statistical reports and measures taken in relation to these cases, ets.

Representatives of the media were satisfied with the answers to their questions.

Such events conducted with the participation of representatives of the media and users of statistical data will improve the transparency and quality of work in the preparation of statistical data.

Published on: 14.02.2019