Баҳисобгирии оморӣ воситаи самарабахши ба низом даровардан ва таҳияи дурнамои фаъолияти субъектҳои иқтисодӣ ба шумор меравад.

Emomali Rahmon

The publication Social-Economic Situation in Tajikistan for January-March 2022 was released

The monthly report contains current information on social-economic development of the country, its regions, main industries and sectors of economy for the reporting month and cumulative data for the reporting year.

For the major social and economic indicators, the dynamic data for the current and previous years are shown. The report is prepared based on the data provided by various ministries and departments of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The report provides detailed information on the main sectors of the economy, transport and communication, external economic relations, consumer markets, prices, finances, labour market, living standards.

Published on: 15.04.2022